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Common Medicare Concerns

Turning 65 years old

Starting Medicare for the first time? There are unique questions you have and trying to do all the research yourself can be frustrating. Call a Licensed Medicare Specialist and allow our team to walk you through step by step how Medicare works. Our team makes it very simple to address your individual needs and we break things down in easy to understand terms so you can be confident about your coverage.

How does my Medicare coverage work?

On Medicare now but confused about how your coverage works? Get another rate increase?
Give our professionals a call today so we can cut through the nonsense and help you understand exactly what coverage you have.

3 things you need to know if you have a Medicare Supplement Plan:

1. You will receive a rate increase based on your age, and based on your company’s performance each year.

2. If you don’t have a Licensed Medicare Specialist shopping your rates each year you could be overpaying

3. In less than 10 minutes our Licensed Medicare Specialists can swiftly shop all of the 30-40+ companies available in your area to find you the best rate for the same coverage you already enjoy.