We’ve spent the last 5 years saving seniors thousands of dollars on their Medicare plans as Licensed Medicare Specialists.

In 2016 owner of The Medicare Help Center, LLC CJ Westfall was the youngest speaker at the National Medicare Convention, and talked about how with the silver tsunami coming we’ll need more younger generation folks to step up and help the 10,000 seniors starting Medicare every single day.

The average Medicare Agent’s age is in their late 50’s with most of them aging and retiring out of the business. This is why most Medicare enrollees don’t hear back from their Medicare Agent each year and are left to figure out the confusing Medicare landscape on their own. This is why most seniors pay too much, they don’t have an advocate checking in on them each year, most times because their agent has quit or slowed down in their business.

We set ourselves apart by following up every year with EVERY CLIENT to listen to their needs, shop all the rates in the area, and make sure our clients aren’t paying a dime more than they need to on their Medicare coverage.

(We won’t be aging out of the business anytime soon either)

As a broker, our team has access to every insurance company in the state, something small time older insurance agents don’t take the time to research.

Click below to give us a call if you are on Medicare now and within 10 minutes you’ll know if you are paying too much. If you have a loved one on Medicare, send this to them in a message and tell them to stop overpaying today!

Owner of The Medicare Help Center LLC, CJ Westfall